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Professional & Outstanding performance of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense.


Our Values

Our values guide all the interactions that we undertake at Unego. They are like an invisible framework which permanently covers all aspects of our day to day activities for the people gravitating around the company.

The first letter of each of them form the acronym HIPE”, a way to make it easier for all to remember it day-in day-out !

Humbleness: we are a customer centric organization and our priorities are to focus on our customer needs.We don’t promote our success but instead the success-story of our customers.

Integrity: we are reliable, trustworthy and sincere. We act according to strong business ethics and moral principles. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching, and respect our values. Customers, Partners and pears trust us.

Passion: we are passionate about what we do, and we will do it from the bottom of our hearts because when working with passion we are at the utmost of our abilities and we will deliver the extra mile.

Excellence: Everything we do is always guided by best of breed practices and quality in mind. We are results oriented, and we continuously target performance improvement.  Our services will always be delivered with as many features and characteristics that are needed to support our customer stated or implied needs.


We are very proud to be a founding member of the Commercial Transformation Alliance.

International association for Contract and Commercial Management

 The Commercial Transformation Alliance is a practitioner led network created to provide clients with value driven advisory services. The Alliance’s focus is on bridging from IACCM research, benchmark data and insights directly to business impact.

The CTA is an experienced and diverse group with:

-a common and deep understanding of commercial, contract and relationship management aligned with the IACCM approaches and values

-a forward-looking perspective whilst understanding the challenges of the ‘real world’ experience and an understanding of the importance of linking activities to strategy along with the top and/or bottom line

-a ‘best athlete’ approach, matching the network’s skills and experiences to the client’s requirements and desired outcomes

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