Contract Life Cycle Management

Stop up to 20% value leakage in your complex engagements while reducing manual effort by 45%.

Multiple studies from renowned firms like IACCM, Deloitte or McKenzie say the same thing: if you don’t actively manage your contracts, a phenomenon called value erosion starts to appear. The erosion in value can be as high as 20% of your contractual value. On a 10 M€ contract for example, this represents as much as 2 M€ euros of value that leak away from you.

U-NEGO have developed a unique set of business processes, based on years of experience, who enable our customer to recover the leakage, while reducing up to 55% of their manual effort.

Managing your most complex engagements will only cost you a fraction of your contract value while yielding millions in value.

Services we offer to manage your contracts

  1. Authoring and e-signature processes
  2. Contract repository automation
  3. Financial Management
  4. Performance Management
  5. Relationship Management
  6. Risk Management

The above family of Services can be selected “à la carte“, however “financial management” and “performance management” are only possible in conjunction with “contract repository automation”

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