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NDA authoring and approval Automation

Please read how NDA’s creation process cost huge amounts of money, and learn how U-NEGO has developed and offers services to cut this effort by up to 70%

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Are you contracts really built for performance?

When it comes to contracting, it is not a surprise to realize that most of the contracts that I see in my day to day life, lack the basic elements required for cost-saving and performance

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Claim Management – Different situation, same process?

A claim can be declared by either customer or supplier. In fact, launching a claim is often the signal that is already too late. Something “bad” has happened, the parties didn’t realize and voluntary or involuntary shortcomings of the parties let the “bad” thing happen without realizing its negative effect on the relationship.

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CLM for buy-side versus sell-side

Today, I was questioned by one of my customers whether or not I was aware if tools existed on the market that could be used to manage both sell-side and buy-side contracts. Instead of googling for examples I turned to the excellent IACCM page on CLM tools selection available here. Experts from IACCM and Capgemini examined hundreds of products and have classified them by functionality, capability, etc. what’s more the results are available for free and everyone can run his query. I found a plethora of examples which I intended to use to prove my case, and I hoped that in turn my customer could help his colleagues and finance department be more knowledgeable on the topic.

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Will Belgium be in a black-out this winter due to lack of contract management?

As you have certainly read in the news, Belgium is embroiled in a turmoil regarding a possible shortage of electricity this winter. A couple of years ago, thanks to privatizations reforms the government decided to put partially in the hands of the private sector a key strategic element of its economy: electricity production. The situation is today that 6 out of 7 nuclear power plants producing electricity for the Belgian people are now stopped due to recent findings of concrete degradations and other repetitive incidents in the last couple of months. Government fears shortage this winter to come while prices are certainly guaranteed to reach sky high values as Belgium will need to import electricity from its French and German neighbours.

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Articles we loved

This article explores the changing demands of corporations and the public sector in supplier governance technology and the current state of technology market.

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Are robots going to steal our job ?

How robots will replace you in your day to day professional activities

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